HillsView Care News

A day at HillsView care services is a day filled with adventure and fun as residents at our homes have lots of fun activities they engage in to keep them active and lively.


As the weather begins to get warmer, it is the perfect time to be outside in the sunshine.

Service Users will be working hard to get the vegetable patch prepared and ready to plant new seeds. As a team, the plan is to grow tomatoes, potatoes, and strawberries this summer!

Physical Activity

It’s important to do some form of physical activity every day, but it’s particularly important as we get older. Physical activity can improve our health and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in later life.

The aim is to start slowly with some light activity and gradually increase the activity as our fitness improves.

At Hillsview Care, we encourage our service users to do light activity on a daily basis where possible including those service users that struggle with mobility. A gentle stroll in the garden or around the home can be beneficial or just simple armchair exercises can make all the difference to how a person feels.


Here at Hillsview Care, once or twice a week service users have their aprons on and pull out the baking trays, it can be a relaxing time and a great way for our service users to practice their cooking skills and benefit from the great social occasion.

Games Time

During games time at Hillsview Care, excitement fills the air as service users get ready to play games such as puzzles. Residents cheered on their team members as everyone took a turn, and by the end of the game, the scores were level! That was an exciting game indeed, a service user taking part said, “We’ve had a real laugh today, I really enjoyed playing puzzles!”